London Bar and The Sitting Room

Currently serving our All Day Dining Menu within Covid-19 Restrictions from 11:00AM - 9:00PM

London Bar Menu

Inspired by English country house conservatories and orangeries, the smart yet relaxed new London Bar sits adjacent to the lobby, providing a wholly new gathering space that is suitable for socializing from morning to night. The comfortable and welcoming new Sitting Room is conducive for guests to relax and work in, and enjoy all-day dining. 

The focal point of the London Bar is an island bar visible from the main lobby, enticing people to gather amidst its casual opulence and understated luxury. The bar features studded leather panels, a polished marble stone top and exotic plant-life wallcovering. A skylight floods the room with natural light, while the ornate latticework frieze is inspired by the iron-work frames of orangeries and adds to the conservatory flavor of the space.  Lanterns will hang throughout the space to sparkle and twinkle in the evening.

Join us for Tea in the Sitting Room on Saturday & Sunday from 1-4pm  NOTE: TEA SERVICE IS CURRENTLY SUSPENDED DUE TO COVID-19 PROTOCOLS

We are now offering a special $24 Magical Tea menu for children under 12. Enjoy our colorful, fun, and playful magical food & beverage menu. The Magical Tea experience also comes with unicorn headbands and unicorn backpacks! NOTE: TEA SERVICE IS CURRENTLY SUSPENDED DUE TO COVID-19 PROTOCOLS

For questions or reservations, contact the host by phone: 310-358-7788 or email